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Photinia x fraseri (Photinia x fraseri)

Photinia x fraseri

Photinia x fraseri

Red Tip Photinia is a popular, fast growing, evergreen shrub commonly used as a screen or large hedge, reaching 15 feet tall and wide.  Fraseri has some tolerance to leaf spot and mildew, and is best grown in well ventilated sunny areas.

Large white blooms in the spring are only one of the visual aesthetics; rich bronze-red new foliage emerges from the branch tips, giving the Photinia the nickname "Redtip Photinia". They eventually turn a handsome green a month later, but new foliage will continue to slowly emerge through the summer. Easily pruned into hedges, topiaries, or even tree forms.

Photinia is drought tolerant once established, but it is in no way deer tolerate – it ranks pretty high on the deer’s favorite menu item right after Hawthorns. 

Large Screen
Large Hedge

Flower Color:




13-15 Feet



13-15 Feet

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USDA Hardiness Zone 7a

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Item Description
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Deer Tolerance
Full Sun to Part Shade
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