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Brunfelsia pauciflora (Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorow)


Brunfelsia pauciflora


From Brazil comes one of the most aptly named blooming shrubs, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It earned this name due to the pansy-like flowers that start out purple, turn light blue, then fade to white before dropping. Spring to fall, the flowers are borne in clusters up to ten; it’s common to have all three colors on display at once on the same plant.

Leaves are dark green on the top, but pale green underneath, a great contrast behind the blooms. The plant has an open airy multi-branching growth habit, almost looking unkempt if left alone. Ideally, Brunfelsia should be trimmed in the fall to maintain a uniformed shape.

It performs best when provided morning sun and afternoon shade, making it an ideal understory. Sadly, it has no tolerance for freezing temperatures, so mulch heavily or grow in containers so it can be moved when needed. It also requires regular watering, and mulching can help maintain soil moisture longer. 

Flowering Shrub
Container Specimen

Flower Color:

White, Lavender, & Purple



7 Feet



4 Feet

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips for Brunfelsia pauciflora

Fruits are Poisonous

USDA Hardiness Zone 9b

Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun to Part Shade
Semi Evergreen
Water Needs