Working with Mortellaro's Nursery

Mortellaro's Nursery is NOT open to the public, and only conducts business with individuals or businesses actively involved in the Nursery or Landscape Business.  


By opening a purchasing account with Mortellaro's, buyers agree to our Terms & Conditions. 

To open an account and begin purchasing, we will need : 

1.)  One of the following forms completed : 

Texas Sales and use Tax Resale Certificate - For those reselling the plants. This must be completed in full for customers wishing to not pay tax. 
These will be verified at the State Comptroller Website.


Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification - used by religious organizations, charities, educational organizations, &  municipalities. 
These will be verified at the State Comptroller website

Any numbers that can not be verified online will be verified over phone with the State Comptroller.

The Texas Agricultural or Timber Registration certificate will more than likely not be applicable for tax free purchases as per the guidelines set forth by the State Comptroller listed here (See "What Activities Qualify" under the "Who Qualifies for Agricultural and Timer Exemptions")


 For customers wishing to pay tax, please complete Texas Sales and use Tax Resale Certificate, but write "PAY TAX" , as we still need your company name, address, phone number.


2.) Additional Account Setup Information.  

3.) Copy of your Nursery Floral Certificate - obtained from the Texas Department of Agriculture.


Please provide the paperwork during your first visit to our facility Additionally, you may fax, email, or mail it to us. 

Mortellaro's Nursery LTD
16946 IH 35 North
Schertz, TX 78154
Fax : 210 - 656 - 8339
Email : sales  at

Customers with an established purchasing history may apply for a credit account by downloading the Credit Application, filling it out, and mailing to our office. 



Inquiries for prices are not freely given, as they are reserved for those actively invovled in the nursery or landscape business. You do not need an account with Mortellaro's to receive quotes, but must provide a copy of a floral certificate & tax ID number so that we can verify you are not the public.

Additional information related to doing business with us can be found in the links below. 



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