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Cordia boissieri (Olive, Mexican)

Olive, Mexican


Cordia boissieri

The Mexican Olive is native to southern areas of Texas, but will not grow north of Austin due to its low tolerance to freezing temperatures. A large shrub that is easily pruned into small tree form, it averages twenty feet high, making it ideal for small landscape areas. It is also drought tolerance once established, and tolerates any quality of soil as long as it’s adequately drained.

Soft, dark-green leaves are a wonderfull backdrop to the clusters of showy white trumpet-shaped flowers that appear throughout the spring and summer. The fleshy fruits that follow feed the birds, deer, and cattle that find them, but they are slightly toxic and not for us to eat.

Pest and disease free, Texas Olive’s only real issue is tenderness to freeze damage; it can recover from a light freeze, but only waiting till the growth comes back in the summer will you be able to tell if it didn’t make it.  

Large Shrub
Small Tree

Flower Color:

White with Yellow Throat



15-25 Feet



10-20 Feet

Interesting Notes

Nonedible Fruits

USDA Hardiness Zone 8a

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Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun
Semi Evergreen
Water Needs