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Diospyros texana (Persimmon, Texas)

Persimmon, Texas

Diospyros texana

Outstanding Texas native found in the rocky limestone areas from west to east texas; Texas Persimmon is a small tree with an irregular growth habit, known for its tolerance to pretty much most of Texas in terms of environment, weather, and pest.

The trunk has smooth, light gray bark; as it matures, it peels off in slightly brittle patches displaying fresh bark with shades of white, grey, and pink. Leaves are only up to two inches in length, light to dark green and slightly rolled downward on the sides.

Flowers are borne only on female Persimmon trees, never more than a half-inch wide and bell shaped. They appear in clusters on new growth in March to April, then form small one inch wide green fruits that turn black and ripen in September. Although they are edible, they do well in attracting wildlife; they also stain clothes and desk easily so avoid planting in foot paths.  

Native Specimen
Accent Tree


15 Feet



15 Feet

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips for Diospyros texana

Fruits can stain clothes and walking paths.

USDA Hardiness Zone 8a

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Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun to Part Shade
Semi Evergreen
Water Needs
Toxic to Pets