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Elaeagnus pungens (Elaeagnus or Silverbery)

Elaeagnus or Silverbery

Elaeagnus pungens

This Chinese / Japanese native shrub can be found in the in some of the most unfruitful places due to its tough and durable nature to grow just about anywhere in Texas.

This evergreen shrub sends out pointed branch stems from the base, often several feet before branching off or putting out new leaves. Leaves are oval shaped, up to four inches long and slightly wavy. They are green on top with brown scales, and lighter green with silver flecks on the bottom. They are not smooth to the touch, and hardly plain to look at. Bell shaped flowers in the fall are barely noticeable by sight, but easily acknowledged by the strong scent. The flowers turn to berries shortly after, and are food for birds early into the winter. 

Elaeagnus can be a nice, tightly trimmed hedge with a uniform shape, but will require constant pruning of the branches that emerge. It will grow in any soil condition except poorly drained soils, and tolerates heat and drought nearly like no other shrub.  

Foundation Hedge
Durable Shrub


15 Feet



15 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 7a

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Deer Tolerance
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