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Hibiscus syriacus (Althea, Aphrodite)

Althea, Aphrodite

Hibiscus syriacus 'Aphrodite'

A durable landscape shrub that makes an attractive deciduous hedge or specimen bloomer. It’s prized for the outstanding blooms on display from summer to fall. Popular in small and urban landscapes due to its high tolerance to air pollution.

Pruning in late winter is recommended, as the blooms will only appear on new growth. Flowers will only last a single day, however they are quickly replaced. Soil moisture is important to ensure constant blooming, so mulch Althea and provide regular watering. Several cultivars are available in different colors, as well as single or double blooms; Aphrodite is a single bloomer, a pink flower with a red throat. 

Leaves are coarsely tooth and slightly tri-lobed, emerging late in the spring. Branches have a natural erect growth habit, forming a natural vase shape.  

Accent Specimen
Deciduous Hedge

Flower Color:

Dark Pink



10 Feet



10 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 5a

Available Sizes:

Item Description
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Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun
Water Needs