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Ilex cornuta (Holly, Dwarf Chinese)

Holly, Dwarf Chinese

Ilex cornuta 'Rotunda'


For almost any landscape need, there is a cultivar or hybrid of The Chinese Holly (Ilex Cornuta) to satisfy it. Hollies prefer acidic fertile moist and well drained soils, but they adapt to the adverse conditions, including poorly drained soils. Young stems are yellow-white, turning silver-gray as they mature.

The Chinese hollies are dioecious, with small white-green flowers in the late spring and early summer, somewhat noticeable. Later in the fall they will develop highly ornamental red drupe berries in clusters that normally persist into the winter providing food for birds. These hollies have alternate simple leaves that are elliptical and feel like plastic; they will have at least one spine, and possibly up to several along leave margins.  

‘Rotunda’ is the dwarf Chinese holly; although smaller in size, it retains the extremely spiny leaves of its parent -- up to seven per leaf! Rarely reaching over four feet in height and width, this dwarf cultivar also lacks an impressive berry show in the winter – however makes an ideal small hedge or barrier that nobody in their right mind would try and mess with. 

Small Hedge
Small Barrier


4 Feet



4 Inches

USDA Hardiness Zone 6a

Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun to Part Shade
Water Needs