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Jasminum mesnyi (Jasmine, Primrose)

Jasmine, Primrose

Jasminum mesnyi

Often used on highway medians, Primrose Jasmine is a fast growing, drought tolerant, and all-around tough shrub that needs its space in the landscape.   It features an open sprawling habit, often growing wider than tall. When grown along fence lines and walls, it grows somewhat vine like, reaching greater heights.

The green stems are square instead of round like most plants, with dark green glossy leaves divided into three leaflets. Primrose is best pruned in the winter – not only for removal of old foliage, but blooms will only appear on new growth. In the early spring the shrub is covered in slightly-fragrant yellow semi-double blooms that persist for a few weeks, sporadically until fall thereafter.

The branches grow up to lengths of eight feet on average, and drape gracefully around the shrub to form a large thick mound. In moist and fertile areas, branch tips touching the ground will sprout roots, self propagating the shrub to even greater widths. Smaller landscapes will require Primose to be pruned regularly, whereas in large open areas it’s an excellent massing, border, or even erosion controller. 

Specimen Shrub
Fence Row Landscape
Erosion Control

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6-8 Feet



8-10 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 8a

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Deer Tolerance
Full Sun
Semi Evergreen
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