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Lagerstroemia indica (Crape Myrtle, Twilight)
Lagerstroemia indica 'Twilight' - Crape Myrtle, Twilight from Mortellaros

Crape Myrtle, Twilight

Lagerstroemia indica 'Twilight'

he Twilight Crape Myrtle is highly suitable for Texas landscapes due to its robust adaptability and striking visual appeal. Its deep purple to nearly black flowers, which bloom from mid-summer to fall, provide extended seasonal color. This makes it an excellent choice for adding vibrant contrast in garden designs, either as a standalone specimen or within mixed borders.

From a practical standpoint, the Twilight Crape Myrtle is exceptionally drought-tolerant and thrives in Texas' hot, sunny climate. It requires minimal irrigation and adapts well to various soil types, including clay and sandy loam. Its resistance to common pests and diseases, such as powdery mildew and aphids, reduces maintenance needs, making it a reliable option for sustainable landscaping in the region.

Additionally, the Twilight Crape Myrtle supports local ecosystems by attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies. Its distinctive peeling bark adds winter interest and provides habitat for small wildlife. Incorporating this tree into urban and suburban landscapes can enhance ecological diversity and resilience, offering both aesthetic and environmental benefits in the challenging Texan climate.


Blooming Tree
Accent Tree

Flower Color:




20-25 Feet



15-20 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 7a

Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun to Part Shade
Water Needs
Soil pH Preference
Acidic or Alkaline