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Mascagnia macroptera (Butterfly Vine)

Butterfly Vine

Butter Fly Vine

Mascagnia macroptera

A vigorous evergreen vine native to the tropical regions of South America that has adapted well in the southern Texas landscape. The vine easily spreads up to 15 feet, however if the stems touch ground, they sprout roots, allowing them to spread even further. Climbs most surfaces with ease, but does best with trellises or fences.

Intense yellow blooms that look like small orchids appear early in the summer and continue to appear till fall. Papery samara fruits form after flowering that resemble large butterfly wings, giving this vine its name.

Mulch heavily in the winter as it is vulnerable to freezing temperatures and protects it through the heat of the summer.

Flowering Vine
Container Specimen

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15 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 8a

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Full Sun to Part Shade
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