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Myrica cerifera (Myrtle, Southern Wax)

Myrtle, Southern Wax

Myrica cerifera

Native to the east Texas wetlands, Southern Wax Myrtle easily adapts to poorer soils, hot and dry conditions, and salty areas. It is a multi-trunked large shrub or small tree, spreading easily with an extensive underground root system. Naturally forms an open, irregular form, but responds well to pruning into a formed hedge or bonsai habit.

Wax Myrtle is dioecious; males display small  yellow-green catkins up to an inch long in the early spring, while in the late summer females have small inconspicuous flowers followed by small blue berries. The lime green leaves can be up to four inches long but only half an inch wide and are slightly aromatic when bruised. Small yellow glands are on the leaves, sometimes mistakened for a pest or disease.

A dwarf cultivar, ‘Nana’, reaches only five feet high and wide. 

Large Screen
Xeriscape Tree

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20 Feet



15-20 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 7b

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