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Quercus polymorpha (Oak, Mexican)

Oak, Mexican

Quercus polymorpha

Quercus polymorpha, commonly known as the Mexican Oak Tree, is a remarkable white oak species native to Mexico. Considered an evergreen tree, the Mexican Oak has glossy dark green leaves that persist throughout the year. However in the spring, undergoes a unique shedding of nearly half its leave and puts out new ones.

Standing tall at heights of up to 80 feet, the Mexican Oak has naturalized itself well in Texas. Its leaves are typically characterized by rounded lobes, typical of white oak species, and it produces acorns that mature in a single year. These acorns are an essential food source for various wildlife species, contributing to the rich biodiversity of the region.

Mexican oak is a popular choice for the Texas landscape due to its remarkable adaptability to a variety of soils and weather conditions. Being a white oak, it’s also more resistant to Oak Wilt disease.

Large Tree
Shade Tree


40-80 Feet



25-50 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 7a

Available Sizes:

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OAK-MEX-125 36BOX OAK, MEXICAN (POLYMORPHA) View Current Crop Photo
OAK-MEX-15 #015 OAK, MEXICAN (POLYMORPHA) View Current Crop Photo
OAK-MEX-200 #200 OAK, MEXICAN $50 Bucket Deposit View Current Crop Photo
OAK-MEX-30 #030 OAK, MEXICAN (POLYMORPHA) View Current Crop Photo
OAK-MEX-45 #045 OAK, MEXICAN (POLYMORPHA) View Current Crop Photo
OAK-MEX-95 #095 OAK, MEXICAN (POLYMORPHA) View Current Crop Photo

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