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Quercus shumardii (Oak, Red)

Oak, Red

Quercus shumardii

Texas native Shumard Oak is commonly found along creeks and swamps where it prefers moist well-drained soils. Reaching heights over 100 feet and up to 60 feet in width, forming a broad pyramidal crown; it is one of the largest red oaks available, so plant with consideration.

New growth is light grey and very smooth. With age, the trunk and branches begin to darken, developing ridges and becoming only slightly furrowed. The broad leaves are lobbed with distinctive points, growing up to eight inches in length. They are dark green on top, light green on the bottom, and turn shades of yellow, red and brown in the fall. Under late summer heat stress or drought conditions, leaves will die and fall premature.

Acorns are up to one inch in diameter, but take up to three years to fully mature; they are common food source for birds, squirrels, and deer. 

Shade Tree
Large Tree


45-100 Feet



35-60 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 5a

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