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Quercus virginiana (Oak, Live)

Oak, Live

Quercus virginiana

Live Oak is not only a predominate icon of the Southern landscape, but a popular addition to many landscapes thanks to being fast growing, highly durable, and its longevity. It’s also resistant to salt spray, drought, and poor soil qualities. They are highly attractive found growing horizontally along the ground before reaching upward, however nearly all landscapers and homeowners choose a single, upright trunked specimen. Live Oak can also host other plants on its trunk and branches: ball moss, Spanish moss, mistletoe, and resurrection fern.

Although Live Oak is evergreen, it will heavily defoliate in the late winter when new foliage begins to emerge.  Leaves are stiff and leathery, shiny dark green on top and pale gray on the underside. Green catkin flowers up to four inches in length appear in the spring, dumping pollen that is easily spread by the wind. Acorns vary in size, averaging one inch in length and are tan-brown until turning black in the fall.

The dark brown to black bark is thick and slightly furrowed, forming large alligator-scale bark plates as it ages. The wood is some of the heaviest of the oak family, commonly used for carpentry, fuel, and grilling.

Sprouts from the roots can become a nuisance; dense saplings can surround the main trunk, requiring constant pruning if you wish to avoid a clump of trees. A fungus has also been identified as the culprit in oak wilt disease, killing many live oaks that have grown in the countryside throughout Texas.  

Iconic Southern Tree
Year round Shade Tree
Large Landscape Speciman


60-80 Feet



45-50 Feet

USDA Hardiness Zone 7a

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OAK-LIV-200 #200 OAK, LIVE ($50 Bucket Deposit) View Current Crop Photo
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