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Styphnolobium affine (Eve's Necklace)

Eve's Necklace

Styphnolobium affine

Eve’s Necklace is native to north-central Texas to the Edwards Plateau. It’s an ideal small tree for any landscape as it performs well as an understory or a small tree providing filtered shade to flower beds below. When grown in the shade, branches shoot upwards nearly vine line through other trees and shrubs in bid for sunlight. In full sun, it forms an irregular upright oval crown. It responds well to pruning, allowing the homeowner to guide the preferred shape.

Towards the middle of spring, fragrant cascading rose-pink flowers will hang in clusters for two to three weeks. They are followed by black seed pods, up to six inches long, that dry and persist into the winter. The seed pods give the plant its name, as they look like black beads on a string.

The pinnately compound leaves are slightly glossy green, but provide no fall color. The delicate foliage combined with the arching habit of the branches give the tree an overall fragile demeanor.  Once established, Eve’s necklace is drought tolerant and exhibits no pest or disease issues. 

Shade Tree

Flower Color:

Pinkish White



15 Feet



15 Feet

Interesting Notes

Formely Sophora affinis

Seeds are toxic to pets. 

USDA Hardiness Zone 7a

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Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Tolerance
Full Sun to Part Shade
Water Needs