Delivery Zones & Rates


We own our fleet of trucks and do not ship by common carrier. Mortellaro’s request at least 24 hour notice for delivery arrangements to be made, however actual date will depend on driver availability. Our drivers are instructed to tailgate only. Customers are required to supply adequate help in unloading the truck to avoid delaying the driver, and must provide unloading equipment for plant material above 200 pounds. Customers also must provide reasonable unloading areas accessible by our trucks and trailers. See Delivery Map & Estiamtes PDF below for more information on delivery, fuel, and delay fees.

Restocking Fee

Mortellaro’s strives to provide the highest quality of plant material that is available. If a return or exchange is not based on the quality of the merchandise, then a restocking fee is charged.

Mortellaro’s normally pulls delivery orders two days in advance (four days for fire-ant quarantine zones), and loads the trucks one business day before the delivery.

  • Cancellation of a delivery after the orders pulled is subjected to a 15% restocking fee.
  • Cancellation after an order has been loaded is subjected to 20% fee restocking fee.
  • Items returned at time of delivery due to reasons other than plant quality are subjected to 15% restocking fee.

Please see the attached PDF for our current delivery rates & fees.

Our Trucks - Our Drivers - Tailgate Only Drivers must have assistance tailgating large items

Freight Rate Subject to Change due to Market Conditions

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2023 Delivery Map & Estimates